Nearest Plans on June, July, and August

First, on June, there are a few plans in my life. I try to concentrate to the UAS of my study this semester. To support the exams, I will make a review for every subjects in this semester. There are also some final tasks for this semester which must be finished this month before the exams start. For this week, Permod task is the priority for student of Industrial Engineering UNS.

On 9 June, students class A of Industrial Engineering are going to be commission of an entrepreneur seminar. Actually, It was a task from the lecturer of entrepreneur to the students of sixth semester. But, that is a fun task, I think.

The national seminar has theme about showing the beginners to start their own business with banking strategy. We have Mandiri Bank as our speaker to tell the way to start business with banking strategy in that seminar. The reason we choose Mandiri is because of the easier bureaucracy. There are also some speakers, they are the practitioners who use banking strategy and they have started with Mandiri. They are the owner of Klewer.com and 'Kedai Langit Jogja'.

For July and August, I am going to do KP (Kerja Praktek) in Batam. It might be, I hope. Amiin..

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