I don't know what to say about them.

This morning, I red Kompas.com, it was about our government (DPR) and their "pelesiran". I don't know what to say and how to respect them which should be respected. You can read it yourself here.

"Pelesiaran" to other country is one of our honorable member of DPR agenda. The story there was about their "pelesiran" to Australia and met the student from Indonesia whom studied in Australia. I don't know, my be it can be said that coming late is our culture and of course they are too. But, from KJRI (Konsulat Jendral RI) staffs start the opening with having dinner together. After having dinner, they had a dialog with member of PPIA (Perhimpunjan Pelajar Indonesia australia). As an Indonesian, I think you can imagine what happened there and I don't wanna talk about it here.

All I want to say here is thanks to PPIA. You embarrassed them well. Hehe.

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