Activities For Today

> Today is Sunday. The sun is very bright.
It is a free day and I started it with washing my underwear this morning.

After this, I am going to go to a trvel agent. I am going to look for a flight.  You are right. I am going to have a trip. But, It is not a fun trip at all. I have to go Batam because I have to do Practical Work (In Indonesian, it is called 'Kerja Praktek') at PT ELNUSA. This is about my study, we have to do it to accomplish our study as industrial engineering.

The Letter from Elnusa, an oil & gas services company

By that letter, means that the practical work starts on 1st July and ends on 31st August. It will be 2 months. It doesn't matter for me. Actually, My family lives at Batam. So, this practical work will be okay. There is no need to be confused by searching a bording house, a place to eat, etc. So, I am going to look for a flight on 30th June.

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My Saturday Night

This evening is a saturday night. Saturday night means dating time. But, it is not for me. Yeah, I just finished one of my assignment about Hegiene and Safety Environtment. Actually, it was a reading task, but I have resumed the book which must be read precaution in order to whenever the lecturer is asking about it, i will show my resume of the book.

I am going to outpouring the heart, or in Indonesian it is said 'curhat', This smester, third year of my study, is really hard. I hope this will be a good lesson to me to face the world after graduating. Cheer Up...

Last thursday, we, I and another students at the same department, played a new game. I think, it was an innovation game or it just a game from some stress students. But, it was really fun. Actually, we were going to play 'futsal' and we were just 7. It can't  be played by 7 persons. So, we thought a new game to be played in the 'futsal' field while waiting our friends to come. We played 3 on 3. A team won if they scored more than the other team. The score was whe the ball hit the bar of the goal and there was no goal keeper. If you hit the side bar you got 1 point, but if you hit the vertical bar you got 3 points. The stupidness happened when we missed to hit the bar, even the side bar, whereas you was near the bar. It was hurt when your opposite got 3 points by hitting the vertical bar.

Remembering that time still makes me laugh. Just like this evening, when I am alone in my room. But, I am not crazy. I am just smiling to this night.

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My Level 2 Score in ELTI

Last tuesday, I had a test in ELTI and it was the test to jump to the next level. It was writting and listening test at 6.30 pm. It was about the grammar, made a story of my childhood, and completed the dialog. I felt that I will pass the test. And then, on last friday I got the verbal test. We had to face the teacher with our partner and then we asked each other with a list question which is given. I think, I did my best there. At the end of the test, we were showed the result for our test.

I gor A- for the writing test, B- for my verbal test, and A- for listening test. Do you think I am good enough in English?

I don't think so. I feel what have I gotten during the course is not enough. I need more practice in English so I can speak well and effective. At the class, sometimes we still used bahasa and the converesation was too simple. I hope I could got more.

What should I do now?
I can't continue the next level on 28 this month because I am going to take a practice in my study (KP = Kerja Praktek). So I said to the front office of ELTI to have a break. They said that I have 8 months for the break. Actually, I am still waiting the confirmation from the company which will be my practice place.

Any suggestion?

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Nearest Plans on June, July, and August

First, on June, there are a few plans in my life. I try to concentrate to the UAS of my study this semester. To support the exams, I will make a review for every subjects in this semester. There are also some final tasks for this semester which must be finished this month before the exams start. For this week, Permod task is the priority for student of Industrial Engineering UNS.

On 9 June, students class A of Industrial Engineering are going to be commission of an entrepreneur seminar. Actually, It was a task from the lecturer of entrepreneur to the students of sixth semester. But, that is a fun task, I think.

The national seminar has theme about showing the beginners to start their own business with banking strategy. We have Mandiri Bank as our speaker to tell the way to start business with banking strategy in that seminar. The reason we choose Mandiri is because of the easier bureaucracy. There are also some speakers, they are the practitioners who use banking strategy and they have started with Mandiri. They are the owner of Klewer.com and 'Kedai Langit Jogja'.

For July and August, I am going to do KP (Kerja Praktek) in Batam. It might be, I hope. Amiin..

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Set Your Own Life

> I wanna tell a short story about my life.
One day, I had Isya pray at 7.00 pm and then did some tasks of my study. Around 9.00 pm that night, I took wudhu' and prepared to pray Isya but then I said "What am I going to do? I have done Isya". At the time, I've just realized that It was my habit to pray Isya later. Astaghfirullah.

Life is a habit.

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Softskill : Effective Communication Skill

Effective Communication Skill is one of soft skills that are needed to work at Halliburton. I think, they  use English to communicate in the company because English is an international language and Halliburton is a worldwide company with 60,000 employees and over 80 countries. So, I have to have a skill to communicate effectively and it is in English. Therefore, I take an English course in ELTI Surakarta to increase, to be able, to be confident, and to gain the skill to communicate effectively in English.

In Solo or Surakarta, there are many good English courses such as ELTI, LIA, ILP, etc. I choose ELTI because of the fee, it is cheaper than others. I have to speak in English as often as possible, so I do not prior the quality of the teacher and choose the cheaper one. ELTI stands for English Language Training International that is centered in Jakarta and managed by KOMPAS GRAMEDIA.

Actually, I have starting the course since March. It has been almost three months. I started the course from level 2 for Active Communication. It was twice a week, on tuesday and friday. We had different teacher on that twice meeting in a week. On tuesday, we were taught by Mr. Rusdiayanto and Miss Mei taught on friday. Here is the payment of my course in ELTI.

On 29 March, the first class, was an introducing class. I hated that class because they talked about where they came from. Actually, I am not shy about my home town, Batam is a great town. My childhood was there. But, people from other islands only know about the bad things of Batam. Not mentioned here because you know what. After i told them where I came from, they said "hmm..Black Market". Huft.

For the first lesson in that class was about imperative. Mr. Rusdi showed us a picture of a firefighter saves a girl and asked us what the girl says to the man, only two words. Some student said thank you, but it was not what he meant. Save me. It was what he meant. He wanted to show us that English is simple. We can used only two words to make people understand what we mean. And it's called imperative. It was the first lesson there. The vocabulary that I write down on my note was crescent, in Bahasa means sabit.

First lesson with Miss Mei on friday, the same week, was about noun. There are two kinds of noun, uncountable noun and countable noun. Uncountable noun  means nouns that can be counted by measurement like liter, for example our body needs 8 liters of water everyday. Countable noun means nouns that can be counted one by one, for example I have two hands. As active communication class, we did a lot of conversations on game in the class. With Miss Mei, we played a game like who the best buyer and the best seller. The seller sold fruits and the buyer only had five thousands rupiah to buy fruits as many as they can. The best seller was the seller who gained the most on profit. I was a buyer, I got 25 fruits and still had four thousands on my hand, but they said it was not logic. I think it was great and the seller was the worst.

Day after day, I got boring in the class. The game was boring and the conversation was on the book. But, I still hope that someday it will be useful for my communication skill especially in English. It has been being 10 weeks now. I am going to have a test for this level. It will be held on 7 June for writing test and 10 June for verbal test. Wish me luck.

I forgot something, I was absent the class for three times because of emergency situation, such as rain, headache, and an unknown reason. Hehe.

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