Activities For Today

> Today is Sunday. The sun is very bright.
It is a free day and I started it with washing my underwear this morning.

After this, I am going to go to a trvel agent. I am going to look for a flight.  You are right. I am going to have a trip. But, It is not a fun trip at all. I have to go Batam because I have to do Practical Work (In Indonesian, it is called 'Kerja Praktek') at PT ELNUSA. This is about my study, we have to do it to accomplish our study as industrial engineering.

The Letter from Elnusa, an oil & gas services company

By that letter, means that the practical work starts on 1st July and ends on 31st August. It will be 2 months. It doesn't matter for me. Actually, My family lives at Batam. So, this practical work will be okay. There is no need to be confused by searching a bording house, a place to eat, etc. So, I am going to look for a flight on 30th June.

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