My Saturday Night

This evening is a saturday night. Saturday night means dating time. But, it is not for me. Yeah, I just finished one of my assignment about Hegiene and Safety Environtment. Actually, it was a reading task, but I have resumed the book which must be read precaution in order to whenever the lecturer is asking about it, i will show my resume of the book.

I am going to outpouring the heart, or in Indonesian it is said 'curhat', This smester, third year of my study, is really hard. I hope this will be a good lesson to me to face the world after graduating. Cheer Up...

Last thursday, we, I and another students at the same department, played a new game. I think, it was an innovation game or it just a game from some stress students. But, it was really fun. Actually, we were going to play 'futsal' and we were just 7. It can't  be played by 7 persons. So, we thought a new game to be played in the 'futsal' field while waiting our friends to come. We played 3 on 3. A team won if they scored more than the other team. The score was whe the ball hit the bar of the goal and there was no goal keeper. If you hit the side bar you got 1 point, but if you hit the vertical bar you got 3 points. The stupidness happened when we missed to hit the bar, even the side bar, whereas you was near the bar. It was hurt when your opposite got 3 points by hitting the vertical bar.

Remembering that time still makes me laugh. Just like this evening, when I am alone in my room. But, I am not crazy. I am just smiling to this night.

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