Mapping Out My Own Target

I wanna share something about my life target. This post is one of the assignments for my study.  The truth, I have mapped out my target for my life since the new year of 2011. To map that target, I did a yoga exercise at my room.

I set my life target to the simple one. Although it is the simple one, it is needed to control over my life to be always on its right path. This is my life target.

I wanna make my parents be proud of me.

There are some plans to achieve that target. Here they are.
1. Graduate in September 2012 with GPA > 3.50 at 11th March University.
2. After fresh graduating, I want to work at McDermott Indonesia at Batam with earnings more than 5 billions (in rupiahs). 
3. In 2013, I must a have a lot of money to pay the hajj costs for my parents. 
4. In 2015, I wanna have my own house at Taman Duta Mas Batam and a Yaris at my garage. 
5. Take my study for Master degree in 2015 with my own money.
6. For marriage, I trust to Allah's plan.

Some soft skills that I need to reach my goal are given below.
1. Discipline. To have this soft skill, I have to pray on time especially for early morning prayer.
2. Be honest for everything.
3. Communication skill especially for English language.
4. Able to work in team.
5. The other soft skills that are needed to the requirement of job application will be posted later.

For hard skills that are needed for reaching my goals, I have to,
1. understand all about industrial engineering.
2. have speaking skill in English.
3. have a healthy body.

I think that's all about the result of mapping out my own target. Thanks for your attention.

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