EDC : English Day Contract

It is not English Debate Competition, but it is English Day Contract. English day means we speak in English all day. We, the members of Habibie's boarding house (someday, I will post about our boarding house and the members of it-may be not), make a contract about English day. Here is the story.

Actually, I have forgot the story behind the contract. Haha..
That night, last sunday, we had eaten at Obonk. As you know, boys talked about women first and it was censored here. It is not because of  its content but there are some names that can not be mentioned here. And the second topic is about football, it was the Barclays Premier League. It was Liverpool vs Sunderland. And the order come.

The contract was be made after we ate. We made a contract to speak English every monday and thursday. For the looser, who speaks Indonesian language, will get a punishment. It is clean the bathroom and the closet. The last monday, the looser was Danu. Congrats to Danu. prok..prok..prok..

We hope, EDC will increase our conversation skill. Amiin.

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psikopat engineer said...

nice story boy.
hmmm... who's the women ?why you didnt mentioned her? hshsh

Tyo said...

you know welll...

Sidra said...

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