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English = International Language

Everybody knows that English is an international language. As an Indonesian, my English is not good enough. But, I will always learn and have practice. I hope, through this post, I can share my knowledge about English and get some corrections if there are some mistakes here.

I have learned English since I was elementary school, junior and senior high school. I has been 12 years learning English. And since I studied at university, I just started my English course in my third year study.

I wanna share about my first lesson, a simple English that I learned in the first class of my English course. It is about imperative. Imperative is a direct order, command, a warning or just instruction to others. For an easy example is 'open the door'. Usually it consists only two or three words.

There are two kinds of imperative. Positive and negative imperative. 'Be carefull' is an example of positive imperative and 'Don't go' is an example of negative imperative. 'Watch out', 'Don't leave me', 'Save me', 'take the glass' are also examples of imperative. So, we can conclude here that English is not difficult, we can use only imperative verb to communicate in English.

That's all for now, I hope it is useful for all of us.

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